Why video games shouldn’t freak parents out — ideas.ted.com

An advocate for educational video games realizes that our kids might actually learn more from Civilization, Minecraft, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. Everything changed at a lunch with the legendary game designer Sid Meier. For years, I’d been making the case that we should borrow from the games kids love to create new kinds of…

via Why video games shouldn’t freak parents out — ideas.ted.com

CAN LIKE SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THIS TO MY MOM?! Nah uh not me, I’m too scared.

3 thoughts on “Why video games shouldn’t freak parents out — ideas.ted.com

  1. williamriverdale says:

    Well video games can be a great medium for learning but most games are focused towards mindless shooting massacre (COD, Far Cry, GTA etc) showing no consequence of mass murder. That is what gamers want and that is where the profit is). But there are some games like Underdale, Journey, Spec Ops 2: The Line which have players learn much more than getting a headshot.


    • incandescentpen says:

      I think these mindless shooting games can help people in more ways than with just blowing up stuffs. I mean-
      1. They could help them in gaining control over a particular ‘chaotic’ situation by instilling confidence and level-headedness.
      2. They could enhance their peripheral vision if the bad guys are coming in from all sides.
      3. They could make people wary and observant which would make them notice the smallest details that would otherwise go unnoticed.
      4. They could help people in focusing and possibly boost their concentration levels which can be advantageous to people with short attention spans.
      5. They could also hone people’s strategic thinking.
      I can’t think of any more here :[ but yeah these games DO have their downsides given that people sometimes overstep the boundaries and go bonkers.

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