Creativity and Scepticism

I’m writing this after reading an inspiring message posted by one of the people I follow on Wattpad on creativity. I am a huge critic when it comes to my own work and accepting the product of my creativity has always been on the extreme end of uncertainty. Sometimes, I am satisfied with what I do, but the other times? I find myself scorning  what’s in front of me and immediately brush it aside as trash.

I, most possibly, am doing this out of zero self-confidence. It’s zilch. Nada. My mind does not know anything of self-confidence. In fact, the word is a big void that has no meaning to me whatsoever, and that is where my problem lies in.

We’re all creative in so many different ways that it’s absolutely fascinating to imagine the uniqueness we bring about in different areas of the ‘creative sphere’. The World, as we see today, wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for our minds which have been wired for such beautiful and creative outputs. Yet, some of us choose to deprecate our own works. Like they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

I’ve been told so many times not to fret and be so sceptic about my own work. They said it’s profound and sets one’s heart fluttering with feelings like all the other poems do, but I can never wrap my head around it even if I could.

Being a stern critic of your own work does have its upsides. You, obviously, tend to strive harder for a better output, as a result. However, the same characteristic can cast a dark shade over your bright work and not let you see what the others may see. It does push you for the better, but it brings you back from what’s YOUR better and turns you into a sceptic.

It’s pretty easy to comprehend what I just stated. If you don’t like what you do, you turn to others for inspiration and imbibe their style of putting forward things. Although, it’s not really a bad thing to be inspired by others because my poetry is a result of all the poems that have inspired me, but there is another interpretation of the same thing-to let go of your way of doing things and follow along the footsteps of others.

This, in a way, kills your creativity because you’re doing the exact same thing they have done. If it makes you feel any comfortable and if it gives you a sense of satisfaction, it’s because you’re already aware that such a style is widely accepted by critics all around the World. It only gives you a sense of security from the assessments. Why? Because trying out something new faces both appraisals and criticism and some of us still aren’t ready to face the possible backlash.

The reason why I am such a huge critic of myself is because I do not want to dissatisfy the people who read my works. I rarely think about my satisfaction. Am I content with what I’ve written? Do I think it’s beautiful without other people’s opinions in mind? No. Neither am I content nor do I think it’s beautiful because I’m doubtful about my own work. This is all based on what others think of it. If I didn’t keep all that in mind, I’d definitely say that I’m quite happy with what I’ve written down.

However, I’ve realized that different people have differing tastes and what’s appealing to me may be a bit bland to a group of people. It’s almost impossible to appease every single one of them. Besides, coming up with a new form of art is refreshing and can also be inspiring. This is an idea that should dawn in everyone’s minds. All right, I may or may not be late to the realization party, but never mind that.

Criticism is not really a bad thing. It can help you hone your skills. However, one shouldn’t give up their style entirely because of the criticism. It only means one can WORK or BUILD upon their style, giving it a sharper edge to pierce people’s hearts with the profound ingenuity.

Creativity is something that is not easily and quickly recognized. It takes time for people to see beneath the different layers of creativity to find yours and laud it for its uniqueness. In fact, there are many prominent people who have only gained recognition posthumously (which is kind of sad, but get what I mean?). Nonetheless, this does not mean that you give up entirely because of the smaller audience you get. Don’t stop doing what you do and keep doing what you do. Losing hope is the worst nightmare that one must never endure, not even you.

So, don’t be so hard on yourself! The most important thing is, you should enjoy and love what you do. Stay calm and unleash the inner creativity within you! You may never know when your uniqueness can kick the monotony away and start a new trend in this sphere.

Here’s the message I saw on Wattpad-

“Creativity is pretty much rare. No I don’t mean to say that only few people are creative nowadays. I mean everybody is unwilling to make something new, try something different, question something nobody has ever questioned before. They stay satisfied with what they have and sadly they are not really satisfied with what they have.

And if ever a poor soul is willing to try something new, he is meet with scorn and loathing for not following the great chain of the majority, cause really everyone will only listen to you if you have some influence or a long list of followers. Basically, its all about the numbers.

Every idea is started small. It is through dedication and focused work, you are able to make it get noticed. You make be struggling for years and more years to come to make sure something you have done, something significant, to get support yet is still left in the shadows due to favoritism. But it does not dictate that your work is less than theirs. Stop thinking right there.

It is hard to have something you have worked for so long get scoffed at or made fun of but, it does not mean it is trash. Only you can decide if it is good or not. And you should be WISE in deciding, cause criticizing your own work can give you new ideas how to improve it. It is a process of hit or miss. But never give up: Be creative. Be different. Be yourself.


If you’re on wattpad and would like to follow this user (Please do. He’ll give you the laughs and the philosophy, and that’s amazing.) then here’s the link to his profile-

William Riverdale


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