A Music Maniac


The chubby baby wailed for reasons unknown and turned the house into mania because there was absolutely nothing that could calm its worrying whines. The nappies were spick and span. She clearly did not want a pacifier and flung it aside. Was she hungry? The mouth only spewed mushy baby food. Toys and TV failed in their endeavour to distract her. The Mother finally picked the crying child and bounced her in her arms slightly to hush her. This too did not seem to work. Distressed, she started humming a sweet lullaby her mother used to sing. The baby finally seemed to forget her misery and stared at the mother goggle-eyed. The young lady’s slender finger wiped the saliva dripping from the baby’s mouth and began singing the enchanting song. It worked wonders and the baby soon fell asleep.

Years flew by with their usual pace and the troublesome baby grew up to be me. The ears always sought for music and there wasn’t a single day when I wouldn’t crank the volume and turn the floor into a dance-floor. My world was another reality and the reality was another world. Did that make sense? That’s how it always is!

Music never failed to pull me into its vortex. When books failed to trap me in their realm, music was the knight in shining armour and saved me from being distressed. Music was the antidote to the poison that life would feed me in my journey.

I like all kinds of music. From indie to hip-hop. For me, there’s no distinction between the different genres of music and I let myself bask in the tunes whenever I can. However, I don’t like all of them. That’s pretty obvious because a person can’t be expected to like and relish everything that comes their way. Music with its melodious tunes has given me more than I could ask for. Sometimes, I wonder how life would be without a pleasing melody.

Everything around us has its own music. I believe that the Universe itself has its own song we aren’t privileged to hear. The nature has its own rhythmic tune. Hear close and you’ll find yourself treating your ears to the unsung stories from nature’s wildlife itself. From the gigantic whales to the decent ants, there’s music that we may or may not hear.

I walk on the pavement jerking my head to hardcore punk-rock music. It fills me with an energy and a zest to take over the World with awesomeness, to show people the strength I possess and pulverize all the things that come in my way to fill me with sorrow. It makes me want to say, “Not today sadness. You can’t ruin my day when I have my inner punk unleashed. Nah uh! So sayonara sucker!” That’s what music does to people, it sets one on a riveting pursuit they can’t deviate from and it has now set me on a pursuit of glee and adventure.


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