I Want Everything EVERYTHING! #BookThoughts2

I’ve read the book Everything Everything by the lovely Nicola Yoon about two to three months ago and even though a lot of things happened in that span of time which should have buried the experience I had with Madeline and Oli in my brain’s graveyard, it’s still as fresh as the honeysuckles in my mind.

Yet again, I assure you, there are no spoilers in this post whatsoever.

What do I like about the book? I like EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK! It may sound like I am exaggerating, but I’m not. It’s been a long while since I treated my eyes to some good story and I consider myself fortunate to come across this book. For this first time in a long time, the fates have been extremely kind to me.

The real reason why I love the story is because I was able to connect to it on a personal level. I’m currently 17 and living in a World like mine can be a bit suffocating once in a while, hence, the blog posts and stuffs like that. However, there’s more to it than just the connection.

The way it has been written is brilliant! The transition from one part of the story to another is eloquent and smooth. Though the outcome was somewhat predictable in the middle (For me. You may hold a different opinion.), it had me holding my breath throughout the overall exhilarating experience. I love Madeline’s persona. The characters in the book are witty, smart and humorous. They may be just teenagers, but they are teenagers with an insight into different facets of life and that is refreshing because you rarely find teenagers who think along different lines.

This story isn’t just restricted to Madeline’s and Oli’s romance. It accomplishes in branching out to different scenarios and the diversity incorporated by the author in the story is absolutely commendable, though some of the instances may seem a bit unnecessary due to the lack of story revolving around that particular character, it still proves to be efficient in bringing together divergent issues and not make it look like a dish that has been overdecorated, because of the elegance of the writer.

What makes this book even unique is the illustrations that come along with it which makes the book all the more exciting to read. Believe me or not, I finished reading this book in about three or four days (considering the fact that I’m a slow reader and I had tests to prepare for.), and I’d say it was possible because the amazing illustrations plus the intriguing storyline had me turning pages until Mom would reproach me for not paying her enough attention.

The book is close to my heart because of how much I can relate to it. I’m aware that I’ve said this before, but my Madeline-esque character and similarities with Oli’s familial background just deepens my bond with it.

The story may have its own highs and lows, but which one doesn’t? In the end, I’d suggest everyone reading this to read the wonderful book if they haven’t. I absolutely adore this book, and there are so many elements in the book anyone can relate to!  Although, I must warn you to fasten your seat belt for the unexpected twist. It had my mind swirling around for an hour or two and that’s how one knows the story is beautifully crafted and mesmerizing. Well, you may have your own modus operandi to determine if it’s that good, but we will not dwell on that for now.

What are you waiting for? Plunge right in into the adventure and set the butterflies rioting within.

Thank You Nicola Yoon for penning this book down! I’m grateful beyond words for a book like this ❤


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