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Adorable, funny and memorable. This book has everything there is to know about life. From empathy to what  is essential in our journey of life, the book has impacted me in ways unexplainable yet here  I am racking my brain to put what I learnt in an eloquent way. My modus operandi is a bit turbulent today. It’s hard because there are so many things one learns once they lay their hands on this book! They are all muddled up in my brain, tangled, and I sit here plucking at the entangled strings vibrating with a new energy and new insights.

I assure you that there are no spoilers whatsoever in this post because I feel you buddy. I’m one of your own.

Your life’s not a smooth ride when you’re normal. Heck! It feels like the roads you drive your car on have nothing but ditches and speed-breakers. Oh! How one wishes everything were as easy as munching on an apple-pie or whatever you like gobbling up because not everyone likes apple-pies. Now, imagine someone deformed. Imagine you’re deformed. Imagine people looking at you out of shock, disgust and pity. The reason why I am stressing on you to imagine is because there is no other way you can actually feel the struggles of a deformed person and this is where empathy comes in.

This book speaks empathy throughout its pages from numero uno to the end and why not? We will never know how to be around a person if we first do not learn HOW the person feels for himself. What if the person does not want pity? What if the person wants genuine affection and normal? What if the person wants other people to know that it OKAY to be astonished and all that matters for him is their fond bond? You can only know how to befriend someone who’s unique by connecting with them mentally. That is why empathy is so important and we are indeed gifted to accomplish such a feat-to understand one by placing ourselves in their shoes.

Like I mentioned earlier, it has more than just empathy. It’d be crude of a storyline with a potential for lots of virtuous branches to stop at empathy and not go beyond that. I sing praises for this book, especially because one leaves with more than what he sought for.

Misunderstandings. It is very natural for misunderstandings to arise in a relationship. Differing interpretations and choices. We all know how it is like. Sometimes, our actions are perceived in a way we never intended. This causes conflicts, bitter arguments, sadness and eventually loss. It’s a part of our everyday lives, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it.

Be open to what others have to say. Don’t put a period once you’re done thrusting your opinion onto the person. We aren’t always right or wrong, so why not hear them out? It’s up to you whether you want to believe them or not, but there’s always more to the story, there is always something lurking deep under the surface. Sitting down and having a constructive discussion on the problems always helps.

Forgive and forget. This book teaches you that. It’s not because life is too short and precious to hold any grudges. It’s because people do realize where they’ve gone wrong and yearn for a change and YOU have the power to let them change for the better if you forgive them.

People can put on their masquerade masks and drape an entirely different persona due to social or peer pressure. It’s not just prevalent in this fictional story. It is very real. I, myself, have donned a character I’d certainly loathe if I ever looked at it through another person’s eyes. Nonetheless, I changed and groomed myself over the years and this is one of the many reasons why the book speaks to me on such a personal level.

We’ve lost what we cherished and gained more to adore, but they never last that long either. Everything is ephemeral. What is immortal anyway? As far as we all know, even the existential Universe will soon fade away, but we will concern ourselves with just people and pets.

You may have someone who understands your plight. That someone is the only one who can actually understand what you are going through, but they aren’t around for long. Soon, you find yourself plunging into a vortex of misery and memories. It’s hard for you to keep up with life that does not stop at anything. You are left with no choice but to move on. Someone or something may truly love you for who you are. Not out of pity, not out of a compulsion due to the societal and moral implications, but out of true affection. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you look. They love you nonetheless and they depart from this mortal World too.

One may manage to divert their mind from certain memories for a while, but wounds don’t ever completely heal. They always open up, sooner or later, so one has to keep a fresh set of stitches and needles with them to close those new wounds which have been cut open through memories. That is how life is. It comes up with new twists and you eventually learn to figure your way out of the hysterical twist. Don’t EVER give up.

This book encourages one to grow in a way that will have a positive impact on you and those around you. It has many methods one can incorporate to brush on those emotional skills. It is highly recommended for kids due to the simplicity of the writing and easily comprehensible nuances in the story. However, I’m sure that the book can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Adults, especially, will be able to grasp more than what I highlighted here.

So, if it is already in your possession, then delay no further! Jump right into this enigmatic wonder and behold the little adventure. It will leave you wonderstruck!

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did. It truly is a masterpiece.


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