A Reader’s Lament

Novels possess the impressive power to captivate a person’s attention and bewitch the reader into thinking that he or she is not in this world but in a realm where they are someone else and not the character that defines them in reality.

That’s the good thing about novels, you read the first few lines and you’re lost in the hundreds of pages that won’t stop turning until you reach the end and finally realize that the roller coaster ride with your fictional mates is finally over, unless, you choose to do it over and over again.

But what happens when you haven’t completed your journey yet and some ignorant human, who has already experienced the thrill, blurts out what happens in the book? Agony, affliction, rage and fury are the perfect words to describe your state of mind. That little spoiler feels like the bane of your life and I think little is an understatement for something as significant as that.

Why are spoilers so agonizing anyway? Obviously, any reader would want to experience the adventure themselves and would not want anyone to ruin it for them. How would you feel if someone tells you who died or what really happened in the end in the novel you’ve been waiting to read for ages or has already been enlisted as one of your favorites because it just happens to be epic? Traumatic right? Exactly.

It won’t stop you from reading the book, but the excitement level will definitely come down because you know what to expect and your brain has already put up a shield if anything saddening comes in the way, what should have been depressing will only turn into-“Oh well, I already expected that, thanks to a not- so- generous mortal friend of mine.”

Spoilers are the worst burns a reader can experience, some people do it intentionally while others don’t realize what they are ranting on about until they see you looking cross and say “Oops! My bad” and I would say it is your bad my dear friend, you are at a very grave fault indeed.

Dramatic? I’m afraid not because wherever you go, this is the reader’s wail you’ll never stop listening to once the damage has been done.

Our beloved John Green did once say, “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.” But this is one pain that mustn’t ever be felt by readers across the globe for they are better left alone with their book, in their own world where they won’t come out of it until they realize it’s all over.

Thanks a lot, my dear friend, for the one spoiler that you gave away. You’ve not only taken away my privilege to experience the thrills and chills of the novel, you’ve also taken away my trust as well as patience to await a book. On the brighter side, you have certainly turned me into a very considerate human being because I will always be on my guard to not spill any into our  fellow readers’ ears.

Peace. Just don’t do it next time a’right?

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