The Laptop

The laptop, grizzled in age, rests on the black desk. Despite the maturity, it looks young, rejuvenated and seems to be teeming with a profound energy, but anyone can sense that its days are numbered. You’ve been very faithful to the family in the course of eight years, dear Sir, but the time is nigh for us to bid you adieu.

Though new on the outside, it has grown weak and feeble on the inside. It takes too long to process a command, too slow for anyone’s liking and alas! It’s not as efficient as it was eight years prior.

I remember the first time dad handed me, a nine year old girl, the responsibility of handling the laptop. How delighted I was to welcome the brand new family member and have an account on my name. It was all mine and my nimble hands found its way moving in every direction, to every corner of the screen as if I were a doctor probing the anatomy of a patient. I was curious and I had to quench the thirst as soon as possible by drinking in everything new I found.

One would find me wile away my leisure by playing ‘purble palace’, online games or a good old game of chess and minesweeper. Solitaire, hearts, checkers and paint; they were all a victim to my bored mind. I can still see me and my friend sitting in front of the laptop and arguing over who baked the best cake and which movie we would watch. Ah! The movies I watched in that machine, from Barbie Mariposa to Gods Must be Crazy, it was just me with my snacks and the laptop-my own private theatre in a heavenly abode.

The laptop was also an essential educational tool. My dad installed the Encarta encyclopedia when I stepped into grade 5 and would find myself reading a variety of articles and exploring distinct ancient sites over different time periods, from the Abu Simbel to the Colosseum.

The knowledge I amassed over the years and that now resides within my brain is all because of the dutiful sir, who found it his utmost priority to expose me to a world within the internet through his applications and made it possible for me to explore, scrutinize and gulp the bulk of information.

Where would I be without the laptop? There are so many good memories attached to it. Nights when I would whip my hair back and forth to all my favorite songs, read those valiant ebooks and chat with my friends. It allowed me to embark on adventures in a fantasy land and dispel any melancholy that arose within me. It helped me with my homework, my presentations, and I dedicate the A on my mark-sheet to Mr.Laptop, for without him, it wouldn’t have been possible at all. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it still helped me in getting an A!

I, now, type all this in another laptop. However, the revered sir still holds my respect and plaudits for his service over so many years. I grew up with him. In a way, he’s shaped me into who I am today, but all good things do come to an end and the time is ripe, for Sir, to sever all his ties with me, and I with him.

I, hereby, vindicate Sir Compaq of his duties and responsibility toward me and my family. I hope he finds peace and contentment in the zenith once he truly departs from all of us. He shall be missed dearly and I’m sure that there will not be another one like him. He’s touched our hearts and I write all this with the agony of separation I bear in my heart. I’ve lost many a thing and gained many in the course, but he is unlike anyone and he shall forever reside in my transient heart.

Mother says you can see the dead in the stars. I shall never forget to look up at the night sky and see you watch over me. I’ll see you on the other side, Sir.


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